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The Museum of the American Revolution is the first national museum dedicated to telling the complete story of our nation’s founding.

Bluecadet created a website that not only generates support for and awareness for the museum, but also provides unique educational content. We first built the website in 2009 and revamped it in 2011 and 2017. It includes resources for educators, access to the collection, a nationwide American Revolution survey, and in-depth articles about the American Revolution.

The site includes a wealth of educational content, including downloadable lesson plans, articles, news, and excerpts. Also, the user can explore all of the artifacts and objects in detail. Short video podcasts add an additional content layer to selected objects.

The website offers users a preview of the museum’s extensive collection through an interactive timeline of the American Revolution. Users can select an artifact from the timeline, see high-res images, and read about each object. We also created an iPad app version of the interactive timeline that is now being used as a teaching tool in classrooms.

In 2009, The Museum of the American Revolution commissioned a national survey to assess adults’ knowledge of the American Revolution. The site hosts an interactive version of the survey, where users can answer questions, see results and compare their answers to other people’s responses. We also built in a dynamically updating infographic that shows the results of the survey.

Because it was important to the Museum that they be able to administer the site themselves, we built a back end in Drupal 7. Everything from the text to the animation of the rotating homepage images can be controlled by Museum staff through a user-friendly content management system.

Overall, the website helps the Museum of the American Revolution promote their new museum, provides valuable content for educators, and engages users with the story of the American Revolution. We worked hard to create a design that responded to the museum’s current needs and allows them to customize their own content moving forward.

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