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Digital Strategy, Information Architecture, Responsive Design, Infographics, Illustration, Drupal CMS

PolicyLab is a research group at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that’s focused on informing policy around child health and well-being.

As part of one of the largest pediatric research institutes in the country, PolicyLab’s interdisciplinary publications and studies have the potential to affect real change for millions of children. Bluecadet fully redesigned PolicyLab’s website from concept to completion. The challenge was to make this critical information accessible and engaging for those who need it: policymakers, researchers, and caregivers.

Thoughtful Navigation

Above all, the site needed to make it easy for users to locate the data that’s most relevant to their needs. The new site organizes content into three buckets, based on actionable outcomes. Each category—Healthcare Delivery, Public Systems, and Child Health Care Outcomes—is color coded for continuity throughout the user’s experience.

Working closely with PolicyLab to determine impactful and appropriate imagery, we created a custom-drawn icon set to illustrate each research topic. The icons add visual interest and convey topics at a glance. Additionally, we created infographics for featured research to give users an instantaneous, emotional way to connect with complex topics.

Clean, Simple, and Striking

We designed the homepage to make users quickly understand what PolicyLab has to offer: cutting-edge, relevant, and interesting research that can improve outcomes for children.

The site is responsive across all devices, and optimized for accessibility with plenty of color contrast for low-vision users. Overall, the look of the website is clean and bold, with large, evocative photographs that lend a human face to the academic content.

Finally, since PolicyLab is coming out with new research all the time, we wanted to make it easy to update the site with new findings. The Drupal content management system makes for a smooth and simple experience for content authors, and a customized login page welcomes them to the site.

The new PolicyLab site offers its users—policy makers, researchers, and caregivers—a simple way to access important publications that can make a difference in childrens’ lives. Better informed people make for smarter policies and better outcomes for children around the world. We’re proud to play our role in making that happen.


W3 Awards – Silver: Health,  Silver: User Experience

Horizon Interactive Awards – Gold: Websites – Health/Human Services

Communicator Awards – Silver: Websites/Activism

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