Film & Photography

Your stories made shareable

From cinematic documentaries and aerial video, to raw environmental portraiture and contemplative landscapes, Bluecadet’s in-house photographic team produces contemporary visuals for the digital environment. With film and photography integrated into our design process, we deliver extraordinary content to broadly share your story.

Our Approach

Branded Documentary

Applying the authentic techniques of documentarians to tell branded stories for a digital, social world.

Still Photography

Creating remarkable images from studio portraiture to whimsical landscapes for print and screen.

Motion Direction

Employing robotic stabilization to capture aerial video, time-lapse sequences, panoramas, 360° object views and more.

Motion Graphics

Crafting designed movement of animations, infographics, and visual effects for film.

Sound Design

Recording dialogue for interviews, writing original compositions for soundtrack, and adding atmospheric textures to complete the experience.

Hi Resolution Capture

Capturing raw video data at 4k resolution and beyond to preserve insane detail and true color.