Content Coordinator

Job Summary

Supports the content team in creating and implementing content strategy and development for projects spanning web, interactive media, and exhibition design. 

Job Details

Top goals that this role will accomplish in its first year:

  1. Work independently with minimal strategic oversight to perform content audits and related tasks for web projects
  2. Create and maintain matrices to gather and track content for web and interactive projects
  3. Organize and track assets and images for projects, as directed by a senior Narrative Strategist
  4. Perform and compile background research into subject matter guided by a senior Narrative Strategist – which could take the form of story briefs, image research, or fact-finding for share out with internal teams

Additional Responsibilities of Role

  • Note-taking and synthesis of discussion takeaways during meetings, workshops and curatorial meetings
  • Proofing and editing of presentation materials for client, with an eye toward client messaging, tone and project goals
  • Organize process documentation and server files within the Narrative Strategy discipline; document and organize content processes
  • Administrative support and management of content-related project processes including maintaining content-specific schedules, tracking client content milestones, planning client meeting agendas and helping facilitate internal meetings and workflows to meet deadlines
  • Supporting image research and licensing efforts by tracking and organizing research, following up with repositories and communicating with client team. May include organization or tracking of client provided content in close coordination with design team.
  • Writing summaries, descriptions, documentation, and other client-facing presentation or report text with guidance from a Sr Narrative Strategist
  • Contributing to internal ideation and brainstorming meetings
  • Perform content QA on deliverables to ensure accuracy of presentation

Core Competencies

  • Demonstrated written communication and proofreading skills 
  • Able to work on several projects at once, often under tight deadlines
  • Collaborative, professional, friendly and communicative
  • An enthusiastic and curious attitude, able to quickly gain expertise in a variety of subject matter 
  • Super organized and attune to detail
  • An interest in storytelling across platforms and mediums

Required Experience

  • 2+ years of experience in a digital/interactive content strategy or coordinator role or parallel experience such as editorial or research assistant roles
  • Experience organizing and managing content and assets for projects, which could include marketing campaigns, exhibitions, websites
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred with relevant coursework in media studies, writing, communications, journalism or history 


About Bluecadet

Bluecadet is an award-winning, internationally-recognized experience design agency focused on producing transformative digital products and environments. We work with story and experience-driven organizations and brands. Past clients include Google, MoMA, Harvard, Comcast, Princeton, The Smithsonian Institution, Doctors Without Borders, National Geographic, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Bluecadet’s staff represents a wide pool of talent, views, backgrounds, and interests across our disciplines. We believe in Equity and Inclusion as a general principle and look for ways to actively amplify our team’s diverse perspectives in service of the stories and messages we are entrusted to tell.

We also recognize that we must always strive to be better. Over the past six months, we have launched internal DEI programming with a dedicated consultant to inform our business and culture moving forward. Our team continues to identify and address ways of ensuring that our recruiting, training, development, and compensation continue to elevate our team and underrepresented groups.

For 2021, we have prioritized initiatives at all levels of our organization – reflecting on leadership actions and communication, training our managers on equity and inclusion best practices, and for the whole staff, implementing inclusive meeting structures and cross-group learning. We believe that these foundations will help us to continue to attract, grow and support an increasingly diverse team in their careers at Bluecadet and beyond, and to make our creative products even better.

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