We're looking for a senior digital producer to join our team

Job Summary

Bluecadet is looking for a full-time, experience-focused Senior Producer to join our dynamic studio. We want someone who is passionate about the intersection of design, technology and storytelling, who is driven by curiosity, and who is excited to dive into new challenges.

You’ll work with our production team to collaborate across our narrative, design and technology disciplines. Your day is filled with conversations — with the business side, product owners, marketing, design, UX, coders, testers, content and, most importantly, clients. You have built great relationships with these people. They are your delivery platform and your problem solving network, and the ultimate judges of your success.

We understand few people have experience across this big range—that’s OK! We want people who are ready to learn, and excited to stretch their design skills in new ways.

Bluecadet is an award-winning, internationally-recognized experience design agency focused on producing transformative digital products and environments. We work with story and experience-driven organizations and brands. Past clients include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nike, MoMA, Harvard, the MIT Museum, Princeton, The Smithsonian Institution, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Job Details

You’re an adaptable person, always looking to improve. Making people happy matters to you. Problem solving makes you feel alive. You can communicate with all walks of digital life, and you don’t shy away from difficult conversations. You thrive in a role where you bring the project team together to solve problems, reduce uncertainty, remove obstacles, eradicate waste, maintain momentum and make people happy.


A day in the life of a Senior Producer

You work closely with your project teams, doing your damnedest to make work fun. You find out each member’s biggest challenge, what is slowing them down, what will make them happy. With this insight you clear obstacles and help the team to continuously improve. This insight helps you to motivate, inspire and lead.

You steer your projects, making adjustments to your approach every day. You prioritize, trade, swap and remove features, finding ways to adopt better features based on changing needs and better ideas. You estimate using many different strategies and techniques, and you keep your finger on the ‘budget’ pulse. You bring together the right people at the right time to solve problems, make decisions, encourage collaboration, manage conflict, plan activity and manage resources. You routinely check that the project is meeting the business need. And, you look along and across your projects, searching for the unexpected, against which you mitigate, hard.

You make things visible, identifying real progress through physical boards, writing on walls, project software, reports and so on, so everyone knows where we are/are going. You look at project data for trends, patterns and themes, using this insight to create better ways of working or for incremental gains.

You learn something new every day and you share what you learn with the team, with fellow Producers and across the company.

You find time to standstill and think so you can make better, informed decisions.


How you will promote and support our culture

In everything you do, you promote a culture of:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Being defined by your relationships
  • That all projects are equal
  • Learning and sharing lessons
  • Holding each other to account
  • Individual and collective responsibility
  • Being open and honest
  • Giving and seeking feedback every day
  • Pragmatism over dogmatism


What you will manage and how

You create the best possible conditions for delivery by making the project environment:

  • Predictable — you reduce uncertainty by using a common approach, language, documents, costing, release schedule, meetings, reviews, retrospectives, and by making progress visible to all, and
  • Predicting — you survey the future environment by learning lessons, bench marking data, highlighting trends, patterns and themes, considering risks and issues, measuring success, recording estimates, tracking resources and comparing cost
  • You strive for a near predictable environment with much less predicting.


What you will record, track and analyze, and why

You use software, physical boards, stand-ups, conversions and reports to give the team, the client and company visibility.

You can show we are delivering value; we’re meeting the business need; that the team is happy; where we are and are going; we’re managing scope and work in progress effectively; we’re managing change and prioritising proficiently; we’re making decisions and removing obstacles; who is working on what and for how long; we’re mitigating risk, handling issues and fixing bugs; and, we’re learning our lessons.

Most importantly, you understand that identifying and reporting real progress/intelligence removes uncertainty and breeds trust.


What you are good at, what you understand, and the extra you bring

You know the digital landscape and you can communicate with all walks of digital life. You understand the nature of software development, the importance of UX research and the fundamentals of digital strategy. You see and understand the pieces and how they fit together.

Your clients love you and those that don’t respect you. You resolve conflict, and you can talk about things people hate talking about — money, failure, lack of resources, and so on.

You’re a digital project management geek and you know the latest trends. You have a strong, personal digital project management network. You have a rock-solid understanding of several project methodologies and frameworks, and you can create new ways of working. You have brought teams and people together many times to create value for clients based on clear goals, collaboration and the need to continuously improve.

You LOVE problem solving and flexible thinking. You excel at building ‘expert’ networks and delivery teams. You can make things predictable and you can predict the landscape (to a certain extent).

You know when to plan and to what level. You prioritize based on value. You are capable of negotiating with clients, and teams. You have several strategies for estimating work, and you fully understand how to live within your means.

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