A New Look for Bluecadet

Happy New Year!

As you might have noticed, Bluecadet is starting off 2015 with a brand-new look. The rebranding process is something we’ve gone through with many clients, but it’s always a meaningful and challenging process to go through it internally.

Early in Bluecadet’s history, we developed a brand that showcased our craft: it was detailed and stylized. It reflected our love of print work and texture, while also tipping our cap to flourishes and moments of delight.

As our client roster has grown, and as we’ve continued to work on inspiring and impactful projects, we wanted to streamline our brand to allow our client work to shine through. That isn’t to say we’re stepping away from what we’ve always loved and created, but rather to double down on the content and collaborators we’re fortunate enough to work with.

We think the simplified cadet and mark still reflect our personality while also reflecting how we’ve grown into a more sophisticated brand. As we launch this new chapter, we’re grateful to our clients, colleagues, and supporters for their role in making that possible.

– Josh