A Ten Year Revamp

At Bluecadet we’re firm believers in the lean methodology which preaches building, measuring, and learning over time. Our team follows this process in our client work but also when it comes to internal projects.

With the opening of our New York City studio we decided to take some time to reflect on our very own website and mark. The end result is much more of an evolution than a complete rebrand. We embraced what our brand already is and opted to use design elements that double-down and reflect that.

As we talked to friends and clients around the world we realized that people really recognize and remember our iconic Cadet and bold, sans-serif typeface. Like Bluecadet, our classic condensed san serif typeface represents a straightforward approach to projects. As we reviewed the various use-cases, though, we realized there were opportunities to tweak the type to be more readable, straightforward, and flexible across formats.

The new mark reflects the continued shift to a mobile world and the internet of things. By designing a type mark that can adjust when it appears on small screens as well as a series of responsive sub-marks we can carry our brand across devices in a way that is intuitive and fluent. The design system includes an updated Cadet which rethinks our little mascot as an explorer through the content we design for.



We also saw this process as a great opportunity to update our color palette. We went with a trendy blue and grey as our base but sprinkled in a few secondary options inspired by the mix of historic and contemporary imagery common in our projects.



We thank those of you who participated in this process and hope that all of you will continue letting us know your thoughts as our brand, our work, and our studio continues to grow.