Bluecadet: A Year in Review


To celebrate the holidays and a fantastic 2014, Bluecadet created our first annual Year in Review poster. The 19″ x 25″ two-color screen print captures some of the inspiring and engaging content we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the past 12 months.

Since day one, we’ve been driven by a genuine commitment to the mission of each client, and this poster commemorates many of the important stories we’ve had the opportunity to help share. We’ve told the tales of Ben Franklin’s inventions, John F. Kennedy’s actions, and Saint John Paul II’s travels. We’ve taught about the history of chemistry sets, the importance of protecting the environment, and the influence of the Joseon Dynasty. We’ve created instruments to play, trains to drive, and spaceships to fly. On top of all that, we thought it was time to refine our own story a bit as well.  ‎

So thanks to all of you who trusted us with your important stories and those who will in the year ahead. We look forward to seeing a whole new set of characters and creatures on next year’s poster.


bluecadet_poster_photo10bluecadet_poster_photo3bluecadet_poster_photo7 bluecadet_poster_photo4yearinreview_matching_2

*If your organization is featured on the poster and you didn’t receive your copy in the mail, please let us know and we’ll ship you another as soon as possible.