Bluecadet selected as media producer for the Museum of the American Revolution

The Museum of the American Revolution, which will open in early 2017 in Philadelphia, recently announced that Bluecadet will be the Museum’s digital media producer.

Bluecadet will produce a range of interactives that will engage visitors on topics such as the beginnings of debating independence, African American stories, and the key moments of the eight-year War for Independence.

The Museum of the American Revolution, now under construction just steps from Independence Mall, will tell the complete story of the American Revolution using its distinguished collection of objects, artifacts, artwork, and manuscripts. The Museum will serve as a portal to the nation’s many Revolutionary sites, sparking interest, providing context and encouraging explorations that will begin at the Museum’s doorstep.

Bluecadet began working with the Museum of the American Revolution in 2009 while designing their website, which not only generates support for and awareness of the museum, but also provides unique educational content. We have since revamped the website to include more resources for educators, access to the collection, a nationwide American Revolution survey, and in-depth articles about the American Revolution. We are honored to continue this long-standing collaboration with the Museum.