Bluecadet team to present at MCN Minneapolis

This year’s annual MCN Conference will feature talks from our Managing Director, Rebecca Sherman, and Creative Director of Environments, Brad Baer. Every year MCN brings together cultural heritage professionals interested in using digital technologies to advance their organization. This year in Minneapolis, conference goers will be discussing the marriage of the physical and digital experience in the museum.

Brad will be giving two talks. The first is a rapid-fire Ignite talk, where he will deliver a 20-slide presentation in 5 minutes called “Science of Serial: 10 Takeaways from NPR’s Storytelling Sensation.” His second session is titled “Creating Interactive Media as Dynamic as the Web.” This session will explore web-based interactives that are more flexible, updateable, and responsive.

Rebecca will be delivering a talk titled “The JFK Challenge Case Study” on Bluecadet’s app for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum that offers a series of fun, enriching games for kids that turns players into NASA and Peace Corp trainees. The talk will focus on the development and delivery of the product to the Library as well as the innovative technologies Bluecadet used to take full advantage of the iPad’s suite of capabilities.

Science of Serial: 10 Takeaways from NPR’s Storytelling Sensation

Where: The Pour House, 10 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

When: Wednesday November 4, 6–10pm


Creating Interactive Media as Dynamic as the Web

Where: Great Lakes A2 Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel

When: Saturday November 7, 9–9:15am


The JFK Challenge Case Study

Where: Calhoun Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel

When:Saturday November 7, 9:45–10am