Cadets Leading Workshops at Museums & The Web Conference

Formed by leading professionals from around the world, the Museums and the Web community has been meeting since 1997, featuring advanced research and exemplary applications of digital practice for cultural, natural and scientific heritage.

This year’s conference will be held in Vancouver from April 18-21 and will feature workshops from Bluecadet’s Director of Strategy Brad Baer and NYC Creative Director Brett Renfer.

Experiential Master Plans: Integrating Digital Experiences Into The Physical Environment | Workshop led by Brad Baer | April 18, 9-12am 

  • About – Gone are the days of beginning an experience at a gate or front door. Thanks to technology and interconnectivity we now interact with spaces and places in several different ways before we even arrive and in a much different manner on-site. Regardless of whether you view this is for the best, it’s clearly here to stay and it means that we should migrate from creating Master Plans towards creating Experiential Master Plans.

Sketching In Spaces: Low-Tech Prototyping For High-Tech Projects | Workshop led by Brett Renfer | April 18, 1:30-4:30 |

  • About – This workshop explores the power of low-tech, experiential rapid prototyping in concepting, designing and building interactive installations in museums. At Bluecadet, we use a combination of role-playing exercises and paper prototypes to accelerate the design process, challenge assumptions, and give our designers—and clients—permission to fail. We have crawled on the ground with our clients, walked through museums interacting with paper phones, and have dressed up as river creatures—all in service of finding a product and process that’s fun and functional outside of the constraints of software and hardware development.

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