Cadets Speaking at the Museum Computer Network Conference in November

This year’s annual Museum Computer Network (MCN) conference will feature talks from our Executive Creative Director, Troy Lachance;  Senior Strategist, Sara Pasch; Technology Director Ben Bojko, and Producer Joanie Thompson.

Every year MCN brings together cultural heritage professionals interested in using digital technologies to advance their organization. This year in Pittsburgh, conference goers will be discussing how museums can use technology to innovate and emphasize transparency, individual action, and institutional bravery.

License to Krill: Biology, Puns, and Video Games at the Royal Ontario Museum  Ben Bojko & Joanie Thompson

Facing the Future: Prototyping the Museum as a Better Client – Troy Lachance & other panelists

Stepping Back to Leap Forward: A Targeted Digital and Experiential Strategy Phase at Ford’s Theatre – Sara Pasch

Prototyping from inside out and outside in: A discussion on Iterating and experimenting as an internal team and with outside vendors -Joanie Thompson

See the full conference schedule here.