Recent Workshop & Lecture by Creative Director Brett Renfer

Brett Renfer, Bluecadet’s NYC Creative Director, will speak at Iowa State University’s Coding Design/Design Coding, a cross-discipline panel designed to answer two fundamental questions:

The first, how can coding—an activity long reserved for developers—refine and enhance the design process? And: how can integrated design realize the potential of computer engineering, software, and code?

With a focus on coding as a key component of all creative endeavors, Renfer, alongside experts in science, research, and design will explore the intersections of computational thinking, computer programming, and creative design.

Coding Design/Design Coding will take place March 7-9 at Iowa State University.

Brett also recently led a workshop on design thinking at Maryland Institute of College Art, where he introduced students to Bodystorming — a participatory prototyping method used for rapid ideation in experience design.