Interactives at the PMA and Penn Museum

We are very excited about the launch of two exhibitions, Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty and Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now, as Bluecadet was delighted to contribute interactive experiences to both.



Working with the PMA’s expert curatorial team, we developed three custom interactive experiences that bring the Joseon dynasty’s artistic legacy to life. The exhibition features a Royal Protocols book detailing the wedding procession of King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongsun in 1759. Adjacent to this rare object, Bluecadet created a complementary Royal Protocols Interactive that invites visitors to explore and understand its illustrations and text on a 32-inch touchscreen.

A large, ornate folding screen depicting what are known as the Ten Symbols of Longevity is flanked by two 42-inch touchscreens that allow visitors to discover key motifs on the folding screen through a user-friendly touchscreen menu, quick bursts of text, and whimsical animations.

The exhibition’s final and perhaps most popular experience features two 32-inch touchscreens that enable visitors to learn and write their English names in Hangeul. Invented by King Sejong in 1443, Hangeul was intended to be easily learned and widely used by the Korean people. Visitors can type their names, learn the transliteration, and draw each character in Hangeul calligraphy, after which they are presented with a keepsake printed card of their Hangeul name, digitally drawn in their own hand.


We were thrilled to help conceptualize and create custom interactive experiences for the Penn Museum’s long-term exhibition the Native American people. The gallery is framed by four eye-catching, 15-foot-tall Interactive Media Towers featuring vibrant artifact photos and maps, audio and video clips, and profiles of influential Native American leaders, and the space is anchored by a motion-activated Central Projection that offers a narrated, cinematic exhibition overview.

To help interpret the nearly 300 objects representing 85 tribes that are being rotated for display, we created 12 Interactive Object Touchscreens that—with the tap of a finger—offer rotated views and dynamic, in-depth artifact information.


Be sure to stop by both the PMA and Penn Museum to experience the exhibits in person soon!