Hands-On Medicine

Detail of Dittrick's interactive touchwall


Dittrick Museum of Medical History is dedicated to the telling the fascinating and at times disturbing history of medical technology. Through the Dittrick’s famous collection and a charismatic multi-user touch wall, we sought to connect visitors to the humanity and struggle to modernize medicine and preserve human life.

It Starts With a Story. At first glance, it’s hard to imagine what many of the instruments and artifacts in the Dittrick collection did or the countless lives they saved or took.

Our content team worked closely with the museum’s historians to uncover stories, imagery and personal narratives that made the science and history relatable and moving.


A Surface to Explore. It was important to the museum to have a focal and multi-user interactive experience. The touchwall allows multiple users to simultaneously explore and share artifacts, stories and chapters of medical history. The experience is built to facilitate conversation and group exploration.