Mark Llobrera to speak at Drupaldelphia

Bluecadet senior developer Mark Llobrera is speaking on Friday, September 12 10:10-11:00AM at Drupaldelphia.

His talk, “Progressive Enhancement in D7 using Ajax-Include Patterns” focuses on progressive enhancement in the frontend experience using Drupal. Progressive enhancement is an enduring approach to web development that focuses on delivering content to the widest audience possible, while scaling up the user’s experience as their device capabilities increase. As we support an ever-expanding pool of devices, how can we use JavaScript to progressively enhance our sites for a better-performing, more user-friendly experience?

This talk will give some background and rationales for progressive enhancement, and illustrate how Ajax can be used in Drupal to achieve some of those goals. It will cover:

  • Progressive enhancement: what is it, and why is it important?
  • How can progressive enhancement be applied on a Drupal site? How can it improve the user’s experience, from a performance and usability perspective? What benefits can it bring to mobile users?
  • Ajax-include patterns
  • Case studies and code examples on implementing Ajax-include patterns in Drupal.

When: Friday, September 12
Where: PA Convention Center, enter @ 12th & Arch