New Communication Arts Exhibit Feature: Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters/Modern Science

“Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters/Modern Science” a new exhibit at the Rosenbach Museum & Library has been selected as a Communication Arts Exhibit Feature.

Communication Arts is a premier source of inspiration for creative producers across the design landscape and we are excited to be part of its leading showcase of creative excellence.

Bluecadet was called on by the Rosenbach Museum to create a signature experience exploring complex concepts such as morality and enlightenment as part their new exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of the release of Frankenstein. Drawing inspiration from the museum’s world-class collection of original scientific and literary manuscripts, Bluecadet worked closely with the museum’s curators and staff to develop a choose-your-own-adventure interactive and film experience designed to explore contemporary scientific issues through the lens of the 19th-century literary masterworks.

Flanked by selections from the authors’ original handwritten manuscripts, our interactive touchscreen and synchronized digital projection enables visitors to play the role of “Mad Scientist,” by conducting a range of causal and vigorous digital experiments within the exhibition hall. Each experiment is devised of original content created by our team of creative technologists, videographers, and sound engineers and is inspired by modern-day crises such as the spread of Zika virus and the effects of nuclear weapons on the environment.

To complement the museum’s on-site visitor experience, Bluecadet created “Modern Monsters,” a compelling web-based interactive available on both desktop and mobile devices. This web experience helps bridge the gap between 19th century and 21st-century issues, and successfully facilitates scientific exploration of contemporary scientific issues.

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