Sam Heimer’s Why Are You Here? at LMNL Gallery Feb. 6

Why Are You Here?
A solo exhibition from illustrator Sam Heimer.

Heimer goes to a lot of bars, to draw of course. In the right bar, you’ll find all sorts of characters. For Heimer, every bar in the city is a potential studio, every customer a potential subject. Why Are You Here? is a collection of the best of Heimer’s bar drawings, and an opportunity to make some yourself. Why Are You Here? includes of an interactive digital installation, dozens of drawings made in bars, and a selection of fully-realized ink-on-paper drawings based on bar drawings. At the opening reception, Heimer will be holding one of his drink-and-draw events, encouraging visitors to have a seat, observe the room, and sketch something out.

“Sam brings out the worst in people, and I mean that in the best way,” says curator RJ Rushmore. “The process of putting together this exhibition has largely consisted of Sam and I sitting in our local dive bar, complaining about the art world over pints of cheap beer. It’s been refreshing. In Sam’s drawings, I see the worst of myself, but they still make me laugh. He possesses a dangerously entertaining mixture of humor, nihilism, and artistic ability.”

About the Artist
Sam Heimer is a Philadelphia area illustrator, designer, curator, and founding member of Phantom Hand, a collective of Philadelphia illustrators who organize group exhibitions in pop-up spaces. His work has been exhibited at Paradigm Gallery, Masthead Print Studio, Tattooed Mom, and Brave New Worlds Comics and published in Weird Tales, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, and Cigar Press Magazine.

February 6th from 7-9pm
LMNL Gallery, 1526 Frankford Ave

Can’t join us?
The exhibition will remain on view through February 27th by appointment.