Sarah Polansky to Speak at Prompworks’ Philadelphia Office

Bluecadet developer Sarah Polansky will be speaking tonight to a sold-out crowd about “creating applications for museums.” Her talk will be held at Promptwork’s Philadelphia offices at 1211 Chestnut Street Suite 400, from 6-8pm.


Touchscreen interactives are not usually in the vocabulary of a web developer. These applications are typically saved for those with software or computer engineering degrees; but recently javascript has been helping to produce fast and slick interfaces that can be used anywhere.

At Bluecadet, we have explored the opportunities of using javascript from traditional websites to multi-screen and multi-touch applications found in museums around the country. This talk will cover our journey with javascript and delve into the tools that helped along the way.

We will touch on our successes and pitfalls through:
• Chrome kiosks
• Handling live data and thousands of assets
• Code management and debugging
• Creating more complex systems using node servers and web-sockets

About the Speakers

Kathryn Stracquatanio (@kstracq) is an award winning developer and currently a Principal Designer at Comcast where she is building prototypes to help shape their future roadmap. After starting her career in graphic design, Kathryn brought her eye for detail to the development process and has worked on everything from websites to touch screens to native iOS apps. Before Comcast, Kathryn was an interactive developer at One Trick Pony and a technical lead at Bluecadet.

Sarah Polansky (@polanthropy) is an award winning developer from Bluecadet. She graduated with a degree in Interactive Multimedia from The College of New Jersey, where she fell in love with interactive design and its ability to bring people together to share ideas, emotions, and concepts. She is currently working as front-end developer specializing in web based touch screens for museums.