Tech Director Mark Llobrera to speak at DrupalCon

Web teams have embraced pattern libraries to address the complex requirements of responsive sites. This involves everything from a methodology (for ex: Atomic Design) to its tool (Pattern Lab), or both. But how do these tools actually work in practice? Bluecadet Tech Director Mark Llobera’s session “Pattern Language: Pattern Libraries in the Wild” will look at what Bluecadet has experienced as we shifted our design and development process to create flexible, modular sites.

When: Wednesday, April 26th, 2:15-2:45 pm (DrupalCon 2017, Baltimore Maryland)

Where: Room 307 – Aquia

What: This session will touch on the following

* Identifying content and visual patterns
* Forming consensus around the language we use to describe patterns
* How we build our patterns in Drupal
* How the authoring experience (AX) correlates to visual patterns
* Visual patterns vs. front-end patterns
* The spectrum of fidelity, from sketches to code snippets

We’ll discuss tools like PatternLab, Fractal, and how we leverage Drupal’s View Modes. We’ll also talk about Drupal’s Paragraphs module, Drupal Shortcodes, and how to make complex, flexible, modular systems that are simple to understand and manage for content authors. Session attendees should have some familiarity with sitebuilding and front-end theming, but the focus will be on ways to improve communication and process to design and build modular sites.


About DrupalCon: The Drupal community is one of the largest open source communities in the world. Built of a community of developers, designers, strategists, coordinators, editors, translators, and more, each year, we meet at DrupalCamps, meetups, and other events in more than 200 countries. But once a year, this community comes together at the biggest Drupal event in the world: DrupalCon North America. This year, from April 24-28, we’ll be in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about the event here.


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