Troy Lachance Provides Insights Into “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” Experience for the FWA

“Anybody with a glancing interest in art history knows Vincent van Gogh and probably has a sense of his story and work. In some ways, his popularity and the cliche understanding of the artist overpowers his actual story and the craft and nuance of his work.” – Executive Creative Director, Troy Lachance. 

Everyone thinks they know Van Gogh. His paintings are iconic, and his life story is almost too familiar to be truly resonant. For the landmark 2016 exhibition Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, our second project with the Art Institute of Chicago, we challenged visitors to go deeper by uncovering a more authentic, human side of Van Gogh’s life and work.

Nearly a year after the exhibition opening, the FWA reached out to Executive Creative Director, Troy Lachance for insights into the making of the highly successful Van Gogh’s Bedrooms.  FWA is an industry recognized award program, established in 2000, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations. 

Van Gogh’s Bedrooms is an immersive digital experience created to help tell Van Gogh’s story in very new ways, revealing the dreams and emotions of an accomplished artist and providing visitors with the power to investigate the Bedrooms like a curator or conservator.


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