Designing Tomorrow

Web Designer Magazine featured Bluecadet in its “Ultimate UX” issue (#255). They talked to Josh and Troy about why we chose to set up shop in Philly a decade ago, why we’re passionate about partnering with mission-driven clients, and how our business is evolving.

“We proactively identify the kinds of institutions and content that we’re really excited about, because you’re only going to do your best work when you’re really engaged in the topic.” —Josh

“We have always been principally interested in design experience, so we’re doing things that are definitely broadening away from traditional digital. We still design for a ton of different screens, but we have been playing with a lot of technologies that are more immersive and that are a little less traditional, but we think might end up being more impactful.” —Troy

“…The people who come to Bluecadet are incredibly dedicated and do a really good job at creating great work, but they do so in a collaborative way. No one is here to win personal glory, or frankly, even the big industry award… that’s not our goal.” —Josh

Want your own copy of Web Designer 255? Here you go.