Welcome to our three newest Cadets: Getting to know Nate, Sarah, & Henry



  • Where he studied: He is a recent graduate from Kutztown University where he earned a B.F.A. in Communication Design.
  • Where he is originally from: Nate comes from a small town west of Reading known as Robesonia (Rob-eh-sown-nia.)
  • Favorite Bluecadet Project: “Without a doubt, the Native American Voices space in the Penn Museum. If you’re curious why, I guess you either haven’t seen it or just don’t enjoy animated fire pits.”
  • What he does in his free time: When he’s not enjoying Santucci’s pizza he’s usually thinking about skim boarding at the beach. Of course when he’s not doing either of those things he’s designing.
  • What inspires him: A great book.




  • Where she studied: Sarah graduated from the College of New Jersey with a degree in Interactive Multimedia
  • Where she is originally from: North Jersey
  • Favorite Bluecadet Project: “Bluecadet’s work on the Ben Franklin Museum, specifically the Armonica Interactive. It is fascinating when a museum can bring a stationary artifact to life to allow visitors to become further immersed in a subject.”
  • What she does in her free time: “I have been to Philly numerous times, since it wasn’t too far from my university, mainly to see concerts at the TLA or the Electric Factory, with a mandatory stop at Jim’s afterwards. That being said, this experience is definitely an adventure for me. I am lost the majority of the time, but I fell in love with the city and couldn’t wait to move when I was offered the position. I have been running competitively since the sixth grade and have not yet hung up my shoes post college. I am currently training for the Philly half marathon and hope to complete a full marathon in the spring. “
  • What inspires her: “I am constantly listening to music and feel the most inspired when I do so. Many personal projects were inspired by some of my favorite artists, specifically Bruce Springsteen!”




  • Where he studied: He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Where he is originally from: Henry is originally from the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. As he says, “I’ve lived here my whole life—I love this city.”
  • His Favorite spot in Philly: “I think my favorite spot in Philly is the basement of the First Unitarian Church. I remember the first time I packed into that sweaty basement with my friends to see a concert. I still see shows there whenever I get the chance.”
  • Favorite Bluecadet Project: “My favorite Bluecadet project would have to be the interactive displays created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Treasures from Korea exhibition. I think the displays really highlight the depth of craft and the creativity in design that goes into everything we do.”
  • What he does in his free time: Henry spends his free time printing at the letterpress studio at Penn and on his personal press at home. (You can check out his letterpress work at Kelly Writers House events on the University of Pennsylvania campus).
  • What inspires him: I’m inspired by Russian and Italian Futurist typography, old maps and handmade books.