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How do you orient an audience when your gallery isn’t all in one place?

The Association for Public Art (aPA) is the oldest organization of its kind, nationwide. For more than a century, their work has helped make art accessible and understandable for millions of people in Philadelphia. To help art admirers and everyday visitors alike find their way through thousands of public art pieces, we built aPA a website that’s also a wall-free museum extending into every corner of Philadelphia.

To help visitors navigate through all there is to see, we created an interactive map—one that highlights public art throughout the city, delivering content and context for each piece.

Museum Without Walls

Along with artist info and artistic context, aPA offers world-class audio interpretations through their Museum Without WallsTM. This audio tour puts engaging audio content in the hands (and ears) of anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection.

Now, this impressive resource is integrated seamlessly with aPA’s interactive map, in one navigable, searchable, site.


An avalanche of fascinating information, no matter how well sorted, can still be overwhelming. Where do we start? Where do we end? How much can we see in an afternoon? When people start asking those questions, our work starts to shine.

We broke the city’s public art into an ever-growing library of tours. You can choose a tour by subject, by bikeability, by length, or by location. Got half an hour? No problem. Have a whole afternoon? Even better. We’ll tell you where to start, where to head next, and give you information at every stop along the way.

Visitors can also explore art by theme. On International Women’s Day, art by (and inspired by) women is right at your fingertips. For President’s Day, presidential sculptures are easy to find.

Flexible Interface

Behind the scenes, a WordPress content management system empowers aPA to add new tours on new themes, or for relevant occasions. Handy if, for example, a Papal visit comes to town, or a Democratic National Convention.

This new site will flex as aPA’s collection grows. As new art is commissioned or procured, it can seamlessly join the offerings online with the same speed that art-lovers consume it.
So go ahead, Philadelphia: step outside and walk into a museum.

Explore the site for yourself.



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