Making baseball less of a spectator sport.

How do you build an exhibit when the details are still up for debate?


Digital Strategy, Design, Development

For the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Whole New Ballgame exhibit we created 5 custom Fan Feedback Stations and 5 Video Archive Walls  bringing new depths of experience and levels of engagement to Cooperstown.

Fan Feedback Stations

With a few swipes on a touchscreen, the Fan Feedback Stations empower visitors to lend their voice to a range of current issues. From who they’d side with during a labor dispute, to whether they’d give baseball’s all time hit leader, Pete Rose, a place in the Hall, the stations encourage new levels of fan participation and discourse.

The debates are designed to simultaneously engage and educate Hall of Fame visitors. While voicing their own opinions, people also learn more about the subject at hand and see opinions from both sides. In the end, visitors learn where they fall on the debate spectrum and how many other fans share their opinion.

An integrated Twitter hashtag, #DiamondDebates, allows visitors to extend the debate to their friends and followers.

Video Archive Walls

The Video Archive Walls allow the Hall to showcase an unbelievable wealth of game footage and key moments of baseball history . The content spans decades of baseball—historic moments, emotional moments, hilarious moments, unforgettable moments, feats of strength, feats of speed, and feats of character.

Since baseball’s history is anything but over, both the Fan Feedback Stations and Video Archive Walls are built on a custom Content Management System, that allows Hall of Fame staff keep them up to date, inning after inning, season after season.



HOW International Design Award – Merit Winner

AIGA – Philadelphia Design Award