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BRIC is the leading presenter of free cultural programming in Brooklyn. They’re perhaps most well-known for their annual BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival, but BRIC is also a public media center, a contemporary art exhibition space, a performance venue, a TV studio, an artistic workshop, an educational organization, and the producer of Brooklyn’s public access TV channels. Needless to say, building them a website was a project with a lot of moving parts.

BRIC is a vibrant organization. Yes, “vibrant” is a little overused these days, but there’s no better word to describe this place. Their space is filled with artists, performers, and producers. New ideas and initiatives are always in the works. There’s never a month without an event, never a day without a creative undertaking, and hardly ever a dull moment.

We wanted to capture the feeling we found at BRIC and convey it on their website. We wanted the site to feel distinctly Brooklyn. We also wanted to make the site a clear, clean communication tool. In the end, we had to transform not only the look of BRIC’s website, but the way they saw themselves.

BRIC’s old website was built to match the organization itself—divided not by what visitors were seeking, but by internal structure. Now, that has changed. For example, BRIC’s two television initiatives, Brooklyn Free Speech and BRIC TV, now live in the same section of the site.

This reorganization helped streamline the BRIC website. It also helped the BRIC staff reframe their work.

Take calendars, for example. BRIC hosts events regularly: town halls, concerts, films, talks, art exhibitions, and educational offerings. Some last just a few hours. Exhibitions can last several months. Their famed BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival includes dozens of events scattered throughout the summer.

Yet despite the complexity, we built one central calendar that allows people to search BRIC’s vast catalog of events, filtering by event series, by event type, or by location.

The calendar isn’t just a calendar. It’s also a navigational tool. Now, with a single glance, you can immediately see the range of BRIC’s offerings. And with a simple tap you can learn more or add it your personal calendar.

In addition to the calendar, we created a separate space for listing BRIC’s many educational courses—complete with a system that allows visitors to search by category, course type, or location.

BRIC’s new website also gives prominent placement to the art and performances they tirelessly support. Now, visitors can easily find info on the latest exhibitions, performance spaces, opportunities for artists, and how to rent space for just about any kind of event.

Behind all this—TV programming, calendars, educational offerings, performance space, and the rest of it—we built one comprehensive, custom, content management system to let BRIC staff work together to keep the the website continually up to date.

Now, this dynamic, multifaceted organization has a website to match—and with a streamlined sense of organization, and clarity around their many diverse offerings, BRIC is prepared for whatever artistic endeavors lie ahead.



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