Canary Call touchscreen

Colorful, custom touchscreens with interactive games.


Strategic Consulting, Experience Design, Content Creation and Research, Motion Graphics, Custom Illustration and Animation, Game Development, User Testing

For our inaugural collaboration with the National Aviary, America’s premier bird zoo, Bluecadet developed a custom touchscreen experience with interactive games that illuminate the important, interdependent relationships between birds, humans, and the environment. The two touchscreens are featured in the Canary’s Call exhibition—the National Aviary’s first venture into museum-style storytelling.

Working with the National Aviary team from concept to completion, and inspired by this compelling content, Bluecadet delivered vibrant illustrations, charming animations, and five educational games that engage visitors of all ages.


The Canary’s Call touchscreen highlights five areas of human impact on birds and their habitats—population, pollution, habitat loss, invasive species, and overconsumption—which are each represented by an icon on the home screen. After selecting an icon, users are greeted by a colorful, hand-illustrated bird. In addition to these detailed illustrations, Bluecadet provided the accompanying concise, thoroughly researched copy describing the birds and the threats they face.

The five custom games that Bluecadet developed bring to life key areas of human impact on birds and their habitats. One game challenges users to spot parrots in the wild in order to discourage their capture for the exotic pet trade. Another game tests supermarket savvy by selecting products without palm oil, since palm oil trees are known to replace rainforest bird habitats. And yet another game (which resonates with adults as well as kids) reveals the impact of various types of coffee on bird survival.


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