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In 1931, the famous Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera was the subject of a wildly successful exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, for which he created a series of eight portable murals.

Eighty years later, the museum once again brought together these incredible pieces, along with drawings, archival material related to the show, and designs for Rivera’s famous Rockefeller Center mural. Bluecadet created a website and mobile guide to accompany and enhance the physical exhibition, inviting visitors to explore the murals and the stories behind them.

Dynamic storytelling, responsive website

The website is an integral extension of the exhibition itself, which tells the story of Rivera, his art, and his relationships with New York and New Yorkers. The website features an interactive map of Manhattan that calls out places that were meaningful to Rivera’s life and work. We also created a timeline of the artist’s life that highlights relationships with key cultural and political figures.

In the gallery, the website serves as a mobile tour, guiding visitors through the exhibition. Each mural is accompanied by a QR code; visitors scan the code to direct their device to a page with in-depth content. Created in JavaScript, the website is inviting and interactive on a range of devices.

Visitors can zoom into the image to observe minute details and click through annotated hotspots, which offer another layer of information. Several of the murals have a working sketch associated with them; for these, we let users swipe across the image to reveal the sketch behind the final piece.

Exploring the Murals

Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art is an important exhibition of work that continues to be fresh and relevant 80 years after it was first shown. This sophisticated, intuitive website and mobile guide offers museum-goers the opportunity to engage with the artwork before, during, and after their visit.

“This striking site accompanies and augments the museum’s physical installation. The site is simple and clean, and uses a sidebar for navigation through four simply defined sections.”

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