Digital Orientation Stations

Interactive wayfinding kiosks make it easy for Field Museum guests to plan their visit, creating a personalized tour of the museum’s objects and exhibitions


Interactive, Touchscreens, Multi-lingual, Content Management System, 3D Modeling, HTML 5

The Field Museum has over 480,000 square feet of gallery space and 4.6 billion years of history on display.

With so many tours, films, programs, and special events happening at once, it’s easy for visitors to miss some of the museum’s most exciting attractions. After collaborating with the Field Museum on the acclaimed Sue the T.rex touchscreen and a half-dozen other interactives, Bluecadet was asked to create a series of dynamic wayfinding kiosks to help visitors plan itineraries for their time at the museum.

Stepping up to one of the 5 kiosks throughout the museum, guests can plan their visit based on curated itineraries, interests, family-friendliness, length of visit, or even time of day.

Built in HTML5 and JavaScript, each wayfinding kiosk feels as fast and responsive as an iPad. We developed a custom Drupal content management system so museum staff can quickly make updates in real time and keep visitors well informed about special exhibits, tours, movie screenings, and more.

Wayfinding goes mobile with a seamless transition from touchscreen to smartphone. Users can text their itinerary to their smartphones, creating a personalized guide they can easily reference throughout their visit. 

Since being installed at the Field in July 2015, the digital orientation stations have enhanced the visitor experience in measurable ways. Integrated analytics have allowed museum staff to track what visitor search patterns. In the first 6 months, the stations were used over 100,000 times, with visitors accessing exhibition information, viewing highlighted objects, and creating unique itineraries.

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