Drawings by Rembrandt

A touchscreen interactive juxtaposing the pupil with the master.


Information Architecture, Experience Design, Flash Development

In addition to creating his own paintings and etchings, the iconic Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn was also a teacher, tutoring some 50 pupils in his lifetime.

The J. Paul Getty Museum’s blockbuster exhibition, “Drawings by Rembrandt and His Pupils: Telling the Difference” encourages visitors to compare works by the master with that of his students. We produced a touchscreen kiosk where visitors can explore ten pairs of drawings to observe the differences.

Exploring Rembrandt’s Craft

Visitors scroll through ten pairs of drawings to select a pair to explore. An original Rembrandt drawing appears beside a student’s drawing, allowing visitors to inspect subtle differences in apparently similar pieces. Visitors can zoom close to observe subtle details and activate a “point of interest” that calls out a specific variation, such as the way trees are rendered or how ink washes are used.

Built in Flash, the fluid interface encourages visitors to focus on exploring the juxtapositions. In addition to an in-gallery experience, we created a version of the interactive for the web, encouraging museum-goers to revisit their experience later on. This interactive teaches visitors to see and think like an art historian, looking for details that distinguish a drawing from a masterpiece.

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