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Project Overview

Eko is an interactive video platform that lets viewers control the story in real-time. As a development and UX partner for Eko, Bluecadet helped expand the capabilities of their revolutionary technology and defined new ways for users to interact with their favorite shows. We worked closely with programmers, writers, and filmmakers to craft an experience that’s as innovative as Eko’s technology.  

Eko Interactive

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Choice Entertainment

To create a truly integrated user experience, we collaborated with Eko at every step of production, from conceptual development through post-production and launch. Our work is tightly woven into the narrative fabric of Eko’s shows, creating a seamless and intuitive system that helps immerse viewers in the story as they lead the characters through it.


Illustration of “Wizard School Dropout” codebase, interactive layer, and footage combination


2 up link tree

Map of user choice opportunities that allow for 598,617 possible storylines

Game Mechanics

Beyond empowering viewers to make choices that change the story, we developed in-episode games that let them participate directly in the world of the show. Every game is designed to be fully compatible with any story that a viewer might create, introducing another layer of immersion and a new way to “gamify” cinematic video content.



“Rune-tracing” game layered on show footage


Visual Identity and Motion Style

We designed a flexible visual identity and motion style for a range of UX moments, games, and storylines throughout the series.

Visual Identity and Motion Style


Custom designed tokens for gameplay





Early-stage prototypes combining digital UX features and hand-drawn animations helped us explore the relationship between the interface and the content. Prototyping was critical in learning how best to support Eko’s complex branching storylines, provide a consistent experience on multiple platforms, and optimize performance on mobile. 


BTS Placeholder

Animated sketch prototype and finished in-show interactive experience

BTS Placeholder

Early UX sketch

With each show, creators pull viewers in by giving them the power to choose what happens next, ultimately giving them a greater stake in the stories they watch.”

Yoni Bloch, Eko CEO