16 digital experiences for our 38th president

How do you make a presidential legacy interactive?

For the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bluecadet created a suite of interactive and media experiences that allow visitors to explore and discover the life and legacy of this iconic American leader.

The 44,000-square-foot exhibit includes 16 unique programs, powered by eight custom applications.

From single user touchscreens to multi-user surfaces, the programs deliver a variety of content, topics and experience’s. Visitors can explore a 3D model of the White House, take a global tour of Ford’s foreign policy achievements, and peruse countless historical documents, images and video.

Embedded within each screen is a real-time polling feature. Here, the audience can provide feedback, share their thoughts and test their knowledge. The system tracks the user’s answers and participation and shows a real-time visualization of a visitor’s engagement in aggregate.

So not only can you tour the White House, you can plan a state dinner—choosing from attire and menu options that Betty Ford would have selected. You can offer your own opinion on the pardoning of Nixon. There’s archival testimony from the Warren Commission, videos from the campaign trail, and historic bills passed during Ford’s time in office.

Supporting the applications Bluecadet helped conduct research and content strategy working alongside the Museum’s researchers, curators and experts. We worked closely and collaboratively with the exhibit designers, Gallagher and Associates, to ensure the media was meaningfully embedded into the overall narrative, content and visitation experience.

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