Green Wall

The Field Museum, Abbot Hall of Conservation "Restoring Earth" interactive


Information Architecture, Experience Design, Flash Development

The “Restoring Earth” exhibition, in the Field museum’s Abbott Hall of Conservation is dedicated to telling the story of science driving conservation.

We developed an interactive for the exhibition that lets visitors experience the Amazon rainforest close up, as if they were part of a scientific inventory team. The interactive, composed of three large vertical touchscreens, explores a segment of the Yaguas river in Peru and lets visitors discover the species living in this part of the rainforest.

Exploring the Forest

Visitors navigate through the scene with their fingertips, panning and zooming through lush rainforest imagery to discover exquisite creatures that populate the forest. Clicking on each interactive hotspot lets visitors see the animal that is hiding in that part of the rainforest, bringing up an image, description, and video content if available.

Based on the Field’s Rapid Inventory Teams’ surveys of rainforest flora and fauna, the hotspots are sorted into mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and plants. Visitors learn about the scientists on the expedition team as well as the animals and plants, getting a personal perspective on what it takes to study and save rainforest species. Panning all the way to either end of the river reveals “upriver” and “downriver” sections, offering information about other habitats and the role of people in the rainforest.

We are all immensely grateful for the excellent work you've delivered in the Green Wall... The RFP we originally sent might have been great, but the experience you proposed and delivered far exceeds what we were asking for. Thank you!

John Parr, Media and Interactives Supervisor, The Field Museum


American Alliance of Museums MUSE Awards – Bronze

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