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Over a prolific three-decade career, Haruki Murakami has earned prestigious awards and a passionate international following for his novels and nonfiction works, which have been translated into more than 50 languages.

For Murakami’s new website, Bluecadet aimed to reflect the immersive, imaginative, and experiential quality of the author’s writing while providing a window into his working life.

Beyond showcasing Murakami’s extensive body of work, we envisioned www.harukimurakami.com as a place of deep exploration and engagement. The streamlined website interface has four navigation tabs—Author, Library, Community, and Resources—that serve as gateways to inviting, in-depth content. The Author section reveals the man behind the works, including a captioned tour of the objects he keeps close at hand while writing. Longtime and newfound fans can browse Murakami’s books in the Library section, reading descriptions, excerpts, and reviews. The Resources section delves even further, with opportunities to discover the books’ many musical and artistic references—encouraging site visitors to linger and learn.

As musician and author Patti Smith wrote in The New York Times, “A devotional anticipation is generated by the announcement of a new Haruki Murakami book.” We created the Community page to serve as a virtual forum for fans to share favorite scenes and characters. We were devoted to capturing the essence of Murakami’s aesthetic through meticulous attention to the user experience. The design, cinematic transitions, and unexpected animations, coded in Angular JS, are intended to create a mood of wonder, spontaneity, and sophistication. The site is responsive and equally captivating on desktop or mobile devices. We built a custom WordPress Content Management System that maintains the integrity of the design while enabling frequent content updates.

Murakami is known for transporting readers to surprising and strange worlds, blurring the lines between reality and absurdity. It was an honor to collaborate with The Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group to bring his world to life on the web. The result, we hope, echoes the experience of this revered author’s novels: beguiling, memorable, and hard to put down.



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