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Since 1930, the Institute for Advanced Study has served as one of the foremost academic communities for the world’s most ambitious, adventurous scholars. Independent, iconoclastic, and singular in their approach to scholarship, they believe that breakthroughs are liberated by unrestricted intellectual exploration. The Institute has served as home to visionary leaders in the sciences and humanities—Albert Einstein, Kurt Gödel, and J. Robert Oppenheimer, to name a few — and today’s scholars continue to advance the frontiers of knowledge.

The Institute’s campus is uniquely conducive to scholarly solitude and intellectual companionship. It is a vibrant, collegial hub of collaboration and innovation—bringing together pioneers in their fields, and sparking inspiration, ingenuity, and transformative ideas.

Bluecadet produced a short film, “An Inside View of IAS” that aims to capture the overall spirit and ethos of the Institute. Everyday, someone at the Institute for Advanced Study takes a step in the direction of the next big breakthrough and Bluecadet captures that trailblazing spirit in its short film. Board Members, Faculty, and Members are interviewed to convey the unique and important research done at the Institute and the significant impact it has had on the fields of social science, physics, mathematics and more.


CASE Circle of Excellence Award, Silver

ADDY Awards – Branded Content & Entertainment, Non-Broadcast – Silver

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