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Two immersive touchscreen interactives


Information Architecture, Experience Design, Flash Development

The Battle of New Orleans was waged in 1815 on the Chalmette Battlefield, marking the last great battle of the War of 1812

The American victory at Chalmette established our young nation as a world power and launched the political career of then General Andrew Jackson. To commemorate the battle and its far-reaching implications, the National Park Service commissioned a rich new interactive exhibition for the Visitor Center adjacent to the battle site. We were brought on to create two touchscreen interactives to educate and entertain park visitors.

The New Orleans Campaign Interactive

The first touchscreen offers a four-part interactive experience that lets visitors explore the famous battle. Visitors learn about the men who fought at Chalmette on both sides, scrolling through illustrations that highlight the diversity of the American soldiers and the differences between the British and the Americans. Visitors can watch short videos where historic re-enactors interpret battle tactics that were employed, as well as a film about the lives of soldiers. Lastly, they can explore the weapons that were used by the British and American troops.

We created precisely accurate, photorealistic 3d illustrations of more than a dozen historic weapons, including rifles, cannons, and rockets. Visitors can rotate the virtual weapons to visualize them in space and zoom to explore minute details. This activity lets users manipulate and interact with artifacts without physically touching them. This interactive touchscreen helps interpret an important episode in American history, bringing to life the people, places, and things that were involved in the Battle of New Orleans. Through a variety of media and narrative methods, this interactive helps visitors engage with and understand the story of Chalmette.

Post Battle Touchscreen

This touchscreen interactive focuses on the lasting impact of the Battle of New Orleans. Visitors can choose from four separate activities, each of which explores a different aspect of the battle’s ongoing legacy. Visitors can learn about Andrew Jackson—the “hero of New Orleans” who would go on to be president—through a series of annotated images. Jackson’s life and legacy have been controversial for two centuries, and this interactive serves to highlight and distill some key moments in a visual and immersive way.

The song “The Battle of New Orleans” was made famous by 1950s country singer Johnny Horton. It pays tribute to the eponymous battle and gives a catchy, upbeat synopsis of events from the American point of view. For this interactive, we developed a scrollable play-head that moves through the song sheet as the music plays.

This interactive touchscreen helps interpret the lasting legacy of the Chalmette Battlefield through a variety of media and narrative methods. As they learn about the far-reaching outcomes that were precipitated by Battle of New Orleans, visitors begin to understand the profound significance of the battlefield site.

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