La Invención Concreta

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Strategy, Wireframing, Responsive Design, App Design, 3D Space Mockups, Environmental Graphic Design, iOS Development, Symphony Development, HTML, CSS, jQuery, QA

With an integrated design approach that spans both digital and physical space, “La Invención Concreta” represents a new way of thinking about producing an exhibition.

Bluecadet worked closely with the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros from the beginning stages of the graphic and media design process, producing a truly integrated pre-, in-, and post-visit experience. The results of these efforts include the title treatment and style guide, a full-wall concept map, an iPad app available for free download, and a responsive website that also serves as an in-gallery multimedia tour.


The website is responsive to desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. It serves as a comprehensive guide to the exhibition, offering a mobile tour and an interactive way to learn, complete with opportunities for social engagement. By making the website responsive not only to screen size but also to use case, we were able to provide a great experience before, during, and after the museum visit.

The website includes progressive enhancements for mobile users that turn it into an in-gallery companion. Visitors can look up saved artwork, find user-generated tours, or take an audio tour, all through the same website they had been exploring on their desktop at home.

Environment Design and App

We developed environmental wall graphics and an accompanying iPad app to give visitors a unique, immersive and highly informative experience. The title treatment and accompanying style guide unite the exhibition design with the digital experience, ensuring a seamless transition between physical and digital spaces.



Communication Arts – Webpick of the Week

Horizon Award – Silver: Responsive/Mobile Design

ADDY Awards – Silver: Mobile Tour, Silver Website

HOW Interactive – Consumer Website


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