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Recently, Mural Arts has experienced some exciting changes. In the last few years, they’ve added hundreds of murals to their collection and commissioned some of the world’s top street artists to create public art in Philly. To help their website keep pace with their organization, we rethought everything and built a new site from the ground up.

Mural Arts activates empty walls with a goal of engaging the city, collaborating with all kinds of community members in creating art. We’ve helped tell their story in the past, but as our city has grown, so has Mural Arts’ efforts—and their impact. Mural Arts needed a new site that would let visitors explore individual works of art within the context of broader ideas.

To build this new site, we helped Mural Arts improve their digital curating. Mural Arts has created and commissioned thousands of murals, and paints more each year. Naturally, they want to share their beautiful murals on their site, but building a comprehensive online catalog isn’t their primary goal.

So we established new systems that doesn’t feature all of their murals, but instead allows Mural Arts to selectively feature a collection of the most appropriate, enticing ones.

This new approach let us leave more room for the Mural Arts story. Now, rather than digging through a subnav to understand the larger mission driving Mural Arts, we made it easy to find info about their powerful community engagement programs and to understand the incredible impact they’ve had on our city and the people who live here.

Now, with a site that better reflects organizational priorities and impact—and a new WordPress content management platform behind it—Mural Arts can spend less time trying to stretch an old site to fit new initiatives, and more time beautifying our city in innovative new ways, and changing lives in the process.

I want to send gratitude and congratulations on the major achievement of getting Mural Arts' new website up and running. It's been a pleasure working with such a nimble and talented team. We're already getting great feedback on the clean and streamlined look and feel of the site, and how easy it is to navigate. Thanks so much on behalf of everyone at Mural Arts, and kudos on a huge job well done!

Nicole Steinberg, Director of Communications and Brand Management
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