Milestones of Flight

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

A reimagined content strategy deploys the museum’s resources (artifacts, articles, stories) to three primary digital touchpoints – a website, a mobile app, and a large scale touchwall at the Museum’s high-traffic home on the National Mall. The suite of digital programs, and the underlying information infrastructure, showcase connections among stories, provide enhanced wayfinding and utility, and allow Museum staff to publish timely and fresh content with ease. The back-end integration of all three platforms makes it easy for visitors to sync content and continue making discoveries before, during, and long after a visit.

Project Videos and Images

The 200-square-foot interactive surface allows users to discover stories and connections in a way that is inviting, inclusive, and playful

The new website brings the feeling of the in-gallery experience to the web. Previously focused solely on utility, the new website gives a platform for the Museum to share stories with space enthusiasts across the universe.

A comprehensive overhaul to backend organization optimizes how the museum’s vast archive of content is stored and shared. All new digital platforms are informed by the same strategic approach to content management and publishing.