Telling War Stories

National World War II Museum

Creating new experiences; enriching existing ones.

The National World War II Museum’s new permanent exhibit, “The Arsenal of Democracy,” pulls visitors into life in America during the War. We designed and developed interactives for the exhibit and updated the museum’s signature interactive kiosk system—over 80 kiosks in total— to create a stronger, more intuitive, and more evocative experience. 

We pulled from across the spectrum of current technology to bring this story to life. The Arsenal of Democracy interactives use touch screens, hand-tracking, and projection—each experience tailored to support content from the museum’s curators.

Our redesign of the museum website extends the museum experience beyond its walls. A new editorial section, The War, showcases the curators’ expertise, providing an easy publishing platform for articles and featured content.

Project Videos and Images

A museum-wide refresh of the museum’s signature RFID “dog tag” stations personalizes the museum experience and infuses it with empathy.

A visitor follows the footsteps of an American soldier going through military training.

A touchscreen interactive teaches visitors how American manufacturing helped win the War.

Oral history documentaries let visitors hear what happened from the people who lived it.