Native American Voices interactive experiences

15-foot-tall interactive media towers, 12 object touchscreens, and a motion-activated projection


Strategic Planning, Experience Design, Motion Graphics, User Testing, Sound Design, Cinder and Flash Development, Motion Sensor Integration

After collaborating with the Penn Museum on the critically acclaimed exhibition Maya 2012: Lords of Time, Bluecadet was thrilled to help conceptualize and create custom interactive experiences for the museum’s long-term exhibition Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now.

Framing the gallery are four eye-catching, 15-foot-tall Interactive Media Towers featuring vibrant artifact photos and maps; audio and video clips; and profiles of influential Native American leaders. We designed an approach that enables visitors to easily scroll through this wealth of on-screen content, ensuring accessibility at varying height levels.

Each tower has a motion sensor, transitioning smoothly from the full-screen “attract” animation to a personalized, touch-driven experience that engages the user while beckoning visitors across the gallery with big, bold imagery.

Interactive Media Towers

Native American Voices features more than 200 objects from the Penn Museum’s expansive collections; over the course of five years, nearly 300 objects representing 85 tribes will be rotated for display. To help interpret these artifacts, we created 12 Interactive Object Touchscreens that—with the tap of a finger—offer rotated views and dynamic, in-depth artifact information (history, geography, language).

Interactive Object Touchscreens

In addition to exploring the nearest object case, museum visitors can use the touchscreens to view the entire collection or even sort the objects according to personal interests—curating their own unique exhibition experience.

To introduce and anchor the space, we designed a motion-activated Central Projection that offers a narrated, cinematic exhibition overview. This authentic recorded footage, complemented by natural landscapes and original soundscapes, captures the diversity of contemporary Native Americans and their distinct stories, histories, and identities.


IxDA Awards – Shortlist

Communicator Award – Gold: Interactive Multimedia/Special Interest

Horizon Interactive – Gold: Interactive – Kiosk/Public Exhibit/Museum

SXSW – Visual Media Experience Category: Finalist (2015)

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