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The natural beauty of the Brandywine River Valley has inspired both artists and conservationists, most notably three generations of Wyeths.

Bluecadet created a website that not only showcases the Brandywine Conservancy’s protected land, but also encourages visitors to explore the Brandywine River Museum of Art, which houses the art this landscape inspired.  

Environmental activists established the Brandywine Conservancy in 1967, and the Museum of Art was founded four years later. The unique story and beauty of the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art is not easy to capture, but when Bluecadet set out to create a new website for the organization, we tasked ourselves to do just that. When visitors arrive at the website, they are greeted with subtle textural background video (shot by Bluecadet) that offers a feel for the natural environment. Visitors are then invited to “Experience Brandywine” through an immersive interactive slideshow and timeline that introduces users to the history and context that makes the Brandywine what it is today.

The Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art preserves art and the environment through two separate but intertwined programs – the Conservancy and the Museum of Art. Bluecadet created a unified website that allows visitors to move seamlessly between the Conservancy, the Museum, and parent organization. Through a comprehensive content strategy phase, Bluecadet worked with Brandywine to determine the best way to present this complex organization in an intuitive way.


The website uses rich and powerful imagery to evoke the onsite experience. Bluecadet’s photographer captured original, evocative imagery to allow the site to truly capture the sense of place. Calls-to-action inviting users to become involved as volunteers, donors, and social media followers are threaded throughout the site. The Museum of Art section gives users an enticing preview of the Museum’s collection and campus, which includes the studios of Andrew and N.C. Wyeth.

A responsive frontend interface makes it easy for visitors to explore the Brandywine experience and find key information from any device – computer, tablet, smartphone, and anything in between. The website is built on a Drupal content management system, allowing the staff to quickly and easily keep content up-to-date.

Bluecadet was proud to create a website that enables users to explore the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art, a unique and cherished cultural and environmental resource.

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