New York Academy of Medicine

Experiential Master Plan

Our experiential masterplan for the New York Academy of Medicine seamlessly blends architecture and digital craft to reimagine the future of urban health.

Concepts for a museum focused on Urban Health

New York’s premiere medical library invited Bluecadet and Studio Joseph to redevelop their historic Manhattan building into a world-class experiential museum. By leveraging the Academy’s expertise with new spatial strategies and integrated digital technologies, we were able to find new ways of reaching audiences and interpreting content.

Health Beyond Healthcare

For nearly 100 years the grand spaces of the New York Academy of Medicine have been primarily reserved for doctors, research fellows, and the occasional party-goer. Now under new leadership, the Academy is conducting a thorough study and campaign to transform the venue into a museum for educating the public on issues related to health, wellness, and the future of medicine. We developed a comprehensive masterplan for the Academy to renew their mission of public outreach and education.


Before and Beyond the Physical Museum

In collaboration with Studio Joseph, Bluecadet prepared a comprehensive masterplan following on-site analysis and extensive interviews with doctors, educators, fellows, board members, and the entire executive team at the Academy. Our evocative in-gallery experience features augmented reality, projection mapping, and large-scale interactive moments alongside stunning new exhibition space and curatorial strategies allowing the Academy to respond to important health issues currently in the news, returning to their historic role of public health advocates and educators.


Exciting potential donors

In addition to content development and concept strategy Bluecadet and Studio Joseph helped the Academy develop fundraising materials and build institutional support for the project.

The final plan also identifies new opportunities for placemaking and community outreach including:

  • A series of exterior totems to draw guests across the street from Central Park
  • Digital products and assets intended to educate the public on the new brand and vision for the institution.
  • “Pop-up” shows to be deployed across town as a short-term means of addressing the Academy’s new direction
  • Revitalizing under-utilized spaces for weekly programs and rotating exhibitions.
  • Creating a compelling rental space for new income opportunities
  • Development of a series of STEM-driven experiences meant to provide on-site and off-site curricula for school-aged children.