The National WWII Museum

The Arsenal of Democracy permanent exhibit


Linear and Interactive Media, Kinect, RFID, Motion Graphics, Archival Research and Licensing

The National WWII Museum’s newest permanent exhibit—The Arsenal of Democracy: The Herman and George Brown Salute to the Home Front—tells the story of the road to war and the Home Front, including the political discord of the prewar years, the terror of the Pearl Harbor attacks, the massive mobilization in personnel and manufacturing, and the experience of ordinary Americans. Visitors will find themselves inside the story through nine immersive galleries (designed by our frequent collaborators Gallagher and Associates,) which re-create a newsstand, factory floor, 1940s home and more as the evocative backdrop for artifacts, digital interactives and personal narratives.

Bluecadet worked closely with the Museum to create 12 newly designed, RFID-enabled Dog Tag stations, three unique interactives and over 50 original documentary films.

The New Dog Tag Experience

Bluecadet redesigned and redeveloped the Museum’s signature Dog Tag experience, an integrated, museum-wide system that tells the story of the war through the eyes of the people who lived it. The new design elevates personal stories and creates a more seamless journey through the museum.  

Manufacturing Victory Legacy

This station features companies that created goods to support the war effort, brought to life through archival photos, videos, statistics, and awards won for exceptional output. It includes a free explore mode as well as a trivia-style game, inviting visitors to answer questions and learn what goods the companies produced during WWII.

Nuclear Physics for Beginners

This Kinect-driven interactive tabletop projection offers an immersive dive into the science of a nuclear chain reaction. Custom illustrations and animations convey complex ideas in a way that is accessible to visitors. The interactive, projected onto a chalkboard-inspired tabletop, evokes the exploration and ideation inherent in a scientific process.

Specialized Training

This interactive highlights the training required to become a specialist in each of the 15 specializations of service and weaves in the stories of real people who underwent that training. Archival photos or videos are activated with interactive moments that reveal brief anecdotes about training.

50+ Films

Utilizing the Museum’s vast archive of original interview footage, Bluecadet created 57 oral history videos, each a unique perspective on the Homefront experience. Each individual’s story is coupled with striking personal and archival imagery to create a suite of programs that are as striking as they are diverse.

Distributed throughout the gallery and the online experience, these first-hand accounts give visitors access to the wartime experience in a way that is powerful in its intimacy.

Executing all stages of post-production including editing, original scripting, sound engineering, and archival research, Bluecadet was able to ensure that this suite of programs integrated seamlessly with both the in-person and online experience of the new gallery.

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