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Responsive Design, Multi-language localization, Brand/Identity, Digital Strategy, Content Management Systems,

The largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation, Oceana is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans.

Through their offices around the world, they win strategic, directed campaigns that will help make our oceans more bio diverse and abundant. As a leading advocate for oceans with an active group of over 500,000 online supporters, Oceana needed a visual identity and online presence the reflect the power and dynamism of their work. So they came to Bluecadet.

We designed a fresh and compact new logo, paired with a new brand style, to give Oceana a bold look more aligned with their work and brand personality. We also created a deep and engaging new international website – oceana.org – as well as regional websites for their 7 regional offices: United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Belize, Chile, and the Philippines. The platform we created allows Oceana’s web team to easily set up and deploy new, multi-lingual regional websites as they expand and open offices in new countries.

With clean navigation, stunning images, and an optimized mobile experience, the new oceana.org empowers and supports Oceana’s allies across the globe.

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