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Collaborative Poetry at the MIT Museum

Collaborative Poetry

Project Overview

Collaborative Poetry teaches visitors about AI by inviting them to write poetry in collaboration with a neural network. Bluecadet trained the AI to specifically to write poetry. Visitors can take turns writing lines of a poem with the interactive AI, which will suggest its own contributions based on the user’s input. Once a visitor is happy with the poem, they can add it to the archive, sending it up into the river of poems on the curving displays arcing overhead.

Project Videos and Images

  • View of the ramble
  • Detail of Ramble
Visitors Draw a Face
Visitors Draw a Face

Bluecadet has been an amazing and innovative partner. Pros all the way through the process. They pushed us in really interesting ways... and they did it through a pandemic! Such good work and I'm proud of what we've accomplished!””

David Nunez, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy, MIT Museum