Central Space Projection

An immersive, multi-player game encourages conservation through collaboration


Design, Experience Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics

Working with The Field Museum in Chicago, Bluecadet developed the Central Space interactive projection to engage people of all ages in conserving our planet’s biodiversity. We made it our mission to make the scientific concept of “conservation” collaborative, meaningful, and memorable for science buffs and beginners alike.

Located in The Field Museum’s Abbott Hall of Conservation, and now a permanent fixture in its Restoring Earth exhibition, Central Space is a fully immersive environment that invites visitors to join in a motion-sensor, multi-player game—using your whole body to catch and preserve virtual raindrop-like orbs as they drift down the screen. You can play on your own or with others. Here’s the thing: like protecting our planet, it’s much easier to “win” the game when you collaborate.

Visitors interact with the projection via a modified Kinect sensor. When teams of visitors have stopped enough drops from touching down, the animation transitions to another colorful, custom-illustrated landscape or seascape, punctuated by inspiring messages. Our favorite: “Conservation brings people and nature together to the benefit of both.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Central Space Projection is a key part of the Restoring Earth exhibition’s mission of fostering lasting connections between people and nature.


Horizon Interactive Awards – Silver: Interactive – Kiosk/Public Exhibit/Museum

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