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It is estimated that 195 million children worldwide suffer from the effects of malnutrition, which contributes to at least a third of the eight million annual deaths of children under age five. The Starved for Attention website aims to rewrite the story of malnutrition and inspire action through a series of multimedia documentaries, featuring photography and video by some of the most accomplished photojournalists of our day.

Designed by Bluecadet, the website presents a series of stories about childhood malnutrition from around the globe. These stories were shot by world-renowned crisis photographers from the VII Photo agency. We built the site in HTML, using jQuery to create interesting transitions via parallax scrolling.

Scrolling through, users get a sense of the pervasiveness and tragedy of childhood malnutrition. The website design lets the emotionally charged images and narratives speak for themselves, evoking a personal resonance with the viewer.

Immersive Multimedia Storytelling

Ultimately, the website serves as a call to action: inspiring people to join the cause against childhood malnutrition. In addition to the website, Starved for Attention is a traveling pop-up exhibition where aid workers guide visitors through a simulated field clinic and describe how Doctors Without Borders works to treat and prevent malnutrition. Website users can learn about these pop-ups on the events page and read the latest news on an integrated blog.

Doctors Without Borders has been using this site on an iPad when canvassing for petition signatures. The site provides an immediate and impactful tool for getting the public motivated about solving the problem of malnutrition and food aid. To date, over 100,000 signatures have been collected.

Starved for Attention was nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award.

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