Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty

A series of interactive experiences on Korea's longest dynasty


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How can one of the world’s leading art museums engage young and old in new ways with rare Korean masterpieces and cultural history? Bluecadet collaborated with the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first full-scale American exhibition devoted to the art of Korea’s influential Joseon dynasty.

Working with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s expert curatorial team, we developed three custom interactive experiences that bring the Joseon dynasty’s artistic legacy to life for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Ten Symbols of Longevity Interactive

At the Ten Symbols of Longevity Interactive, visitors can step up to two 42-inch touchscreens alongside one of the exhibition’s most striking artifacts: a large, ornate folding screen. Through a user-friendly touchscreen menu, quick bursts of text, and whimsical animations, visitors can discover and decode key motifs—collectively known as the Ten Symbols of Longevity—seen on the folding screen and on many other objects throughout the exhibition.

Royal Protocols Interactive

Among its many treasures, the exhibition features a Royal Protocols book detailing the wedding procession of King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongsun in 1759. Adjacent to this rare object, Bluecadet created a complementary Royal Protocols Interactive that invites visitors to explore and understand its illustrations and text.

On a 32-inch touchscreen, visitors can virtually “page through” the Royal Protocols book, watch playful animations, and select hotspot annotations that translate traditional characters and procession customs. The touchscreen also provides a big-picture perspective on the entire book, which reads as a procession itself when viewed page-against-page.

Korean art is so beautiful and interesting. I love the machine that allows you to write your name in the Korean language and prints it out!

Christina, Visitor - 3.1.2014

Hangeul Writing Interactive

The Hangeul Writing Interactive provides a personalized approach to learning a whole new language. Invented by King Sejong in 1443, Hangeul was intended to be easily learned and widely used by the Korean people. Inspired by its accessibility and artistry, we developed a unique custom software program that enables visitors to learn and write their English first names in Hangeul.

On a 32-inch touchscreen, visitors can type their names, learn the transliteration, and draw each character in Hangeul calligraphy. (FYI: it took rigorous collaborative research on the part of Bluecadet, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and outside experts to ensure each transliteration would be as accurate as possible.) Visitors leave with a keepsake printed card of their Hangeul name, digitally drawn in their own hand.

When we say “hands-on,” we mean business—in any language.


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