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Digital Strategy, Information Architecture, Responsive Design, Events Calendar, Accessibility & User Testing, Drupal CMS

Temple University’s Tyler School of Art is well known for producing skilled artists, craftspeople, and designers. Bluecadet was tasked with creating a new website for Tyler that reflects their high standards and vibrant, diverse creative community.

The result is an eye-catching, responsive, and intuitive website that can showcase creative content while providing easy access to important information.

Three Target Audiences, Three Tailored Content Sets

The three primary audiences for the Tyler website—current students, prospective students, and alumni—each have individualized homepages with relevant content and features. Users can scroll between the pages, with an animated transition and color coding for additional orientation. We enabled deep linking to allow for direct sharing or saving of an individual homepage.

Our developers also incorporated interactive bread crumbs to ensure an intuitive navigation experience. A color-based system distinguishes the three main audiences to further help orient the user.

Accessibility and Access

We tested the site extensively to ensure that it would be accessible to all users. Features such as high-contrast text, keyboard-only navigation, and redundant navigation are integrated while maintaining striking visual design.

For a large institutional website like Tyler’s, success depends largely on the staff members who are creating and updating content. We listened to the needs of department administrators and built an easy-to-use, modular template with an intuitive content management system (CMS). Academic department websites, which had previously been separate, were integrated into the main Tyler site, and administrators were able to customize their pages with callouts, features, galleries, and more.

Keeping in mind that a large portion of our audience is likely to access the website from a smartphone, we built the Tyler site with a responsive framework that adjusts smoothly to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. A fluid grid system creates a responsive design that doesn’t sacrifice beauty for function, but instead allows for both.


Addy Awards – Gold

W3 Awards – Gold; Visual Appeal,  Silver; Education,  Silver; Student

Horizon Awards – Gold: Responsive/Mobile Design, Gold: School/University

Communication Arts – Webpick of the Week



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